Salamander #1: A Lesbian Superhero Webcomic

Above is the original cover of Salamander’s first issue and preview of the first two pages.

Salamander webcomic, created by Breanne St. Germain, features an action-packed adventure of a young lesbian woman named Erin who unexpectedly gains fire superpowers through sudden events. The comic’s setting is in Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. The webcomic was created on July 2015 with the first issue completed on February 2016.

Life was pretty average and somewhat lonely for 22 year old Erin who worked at a small pet shop. Her life will begin to change after her newly obtained powers, especially with a mysterious love interest along the way…


Viola (left), Erin (right)


Click the following link to read the webcomic

You can support the creator by purchasing a digital copy of the first issue for only $2 USD: Link

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