Age: 22
Orientation: Lesbian
Hobbies: Roller skating, Lighting things on fire
The main character of the story who works at a pet shop. She is a lover of animals, especially salamanders being her favorite. She has a bit of a temper and a questionable sense of justice, but she still sets out to do what is right for the majority.

 Age: 20
Orientation: Lesbian
Hobbies: Reading, Petting cats
A lover of cats, she lives only to care for any that cross her path. She even puts cats before herself, which leaves her with very little. She resorts to theft to continue to help her furry friends.



Age: 19
Orientation: Straight
Hobbies: Motorcycles, Mischief
An irresponsible punk with a kind heart. He is Erin’s friend and co-worker. When he comes into work, he always has a new story to tell about stupid things he has done.



Age: ??
Orientation: ??
Hobbies: ????
The boss of the pet shop; he comes off as cold and cruel. He doesn’t talk much and seems to dislike everyone, and he’s always taking dead animals home. What is he even doing with them?